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Blue Screen LCD Diaplay Module / Blue 5V Blue Screen LCD 1602A

Blue Screen LCD Diaplay Module / Blue 5V Blue Screen LCD 1602A
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Glass size

69.5 * 21.8 * 17.8

Blue and white

The standard 16X2 LCD character module (backlit / blue screen)

1602 using a standard 16-pin interface


1 foot: VSS ground power

2 feet: VDD of 5V positive power

Pin 3: V0 LCD display contrast adjustment end connected to the positive power supply contrast weakest grounded power, highest contrast, the contrast is too high will produce "ghosting", by using a 10K potentiometer to adjust the contrast

4-pin: RS register select the data register, select, high and low, select the instruction register.

Pin 5: R / W for read and write signal line, a high read operation, write operation is low. When the RS and RW can write low instruction or display address when RS is high when the low RW can read busy signal when RS is high RW can write low data.

: E end of the first 6 feet to enable end, When E Duanyou high jump goes low, the LCD module execute command.

7 to 14 feet: D0 ~ D7 8-bit bi-directional data line.

15 feet: backlight power supply positive

16 feet: backlit negative supply

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